Yusif Meizongo Jnr Makes History: First Ghanaian and West African to Complete Olfaction Training from International Perfume Foundation

Yusif Meizongo Jnr, founder of Maison Yusif, a niche perfume brand in Ghana, has made history by becoming the first Ghanaian and West African to complete olfaction training and modules from the International Perfume Foundation (IPF) since its establishment in 1995.

This achievement marks a significant milestone in Yusif’s journey as a perfumer and entrepreneur, demonstrating his dedication to mastering the art of perfumery. The IPF, a renowned institution in the perfumery industry, offers comprehensive training programs in olfaction, perfumery, and fragrance evaluation.

Yusif’s accomplishment is a testament to his passion and commitment to creating world-class fragrances that have earned him recognition both locally and internationally. His brand, Maison Yusif, has received accolades, including the “Niche Perfume of the Year” award at the Perfumista Awards 2023.

Yusif’s story is an inspiration to many, showcasing how determination and hard work can lead to success. He has overcome numerous challenges to establish himself as a reputable artisan perfumer, and his achievement serves as a benchmark for upcoming perfumers in Ghana and West Africa.