Meet Eyram Dunyo, A Communications Graduate & Gifted Musician

A lot of the time, women in music perform specific roles in the background, or at the forefront. However, women instrumentalists are still a rare sight in a lot of places.

Meet Eyram Dunyo, a communications graduate and enthusiastic music lover. She is currently serving as a social media accounts executive with a media agency.

Eyram is an avid reader, writes occasionally and spends her out of office hours on the saxophone rehearsing or playing at events.

A product of the University of Cape Coast, she has aspirations of being a communications expert and an international saxophonist/musician.

Recently, she had the opportunity to play on Joy Prime and Adom Tv shows respectively, in the space of a week. 

She is hopeful about the future and looks forward to gaining great heights in the communications and in music fields.