Meet T. Terrel Parker, The Man Graduating With A Bachelor’s 17 Years After Beginning It

T. Terrel “lan” Parker, an American military man has finally received his Bachelor’s degree 17 years after beginning it.

 Terrel in August of 2004 took his first class at the Texas Southern University where he was admitted to study for a Bachelor of Arts in History.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, he had to drop out of the program.  In 2019, he reenrolled in the program and successfully graduated in May 2021.

T. Terrel “Ian” Parker

In 2005, somewhere after he dropped out of the program, Terrel worked as a mail handler with the United States Postal service.  After a year with them, he worked as a fulltime transportation security officer for 2 years.  He then proceeded to work as a freight conductor with CSX a transportation, trucking and railroad company based in Jacksonville.  He then joined the US Army in May 2010 but not before he worked as station agent with American Airways.

Upon his enrollment in the army, Terrel rose from basic trainee to medic, studying for his Practical Nursing License at the Madigan Army Medical Center.  He received the license in 2013. Later in 2017, he enrolled at the Thomas Edison State University where he studied for and graduated with an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences / Liberal studies.  He graduated in 2019.

Terrel at his graduation from the Texas Southern University, May 2021

He has been stationed around the United States and abroad, in the Republic of Korea to be specific all through his military career.

In a linkedin post sharing the news of his graduation from his B.A. program, Terrel shared a photo of himself at his graduation.

“I took my first undergrad class in August 2004. I finally received my bachelors degree in May 2021. Took me 17 long years, but I did it. “I may walk slowly, but never backward” – Abraham Lincoln”, he captioned the post.

The post, which has since gone viral, has over 4,000 interactions with people congratulating Terrel on his journey.