Meet Theodora N. Tetteh, A Young Female Artist From Ghana

Theodora N. Tetteh is a young artist working from Ghana. In a field largely dominated by men and disparaged by onlookers, she is determined to make a name for herself in her chosen field. 

Growing up, Theodora would attend meetings with her parents. Usually, she would be bored to sleep during the meetings, which would make her mom pinch her awake or make her stand to stay awake. As time went on, her mother began to give her a pen or pencil and a book to take down notes. Whenever she got bored at a meeting, she would make a quick sketch of the person giving the speech at that time.

This was Theodora’s beginning as an artist. As her interest in drawing grew, her desire to be better also grew. Her older sister who’s also an artist would create beautiful drawings and get credit for them. But Theodora on the other hand was doing it for her personal amusement.

After she completed high school, she decided to turn her art into a business, to earn a living from it. Though still a student, she nurses hopes of finding and connecting with the right people to enable her meet her goals, including her dream of teaching others about art.

Talking about her journey so far on LinkedIn, here are some lessons she has learnt along the way:

If there’s something i’ve learnt in my art journey… just like anything else, Art takes time. I used to be impatient, trying to create the perfect piece of art. I would go days without touching my pencils or paint brushes because i was angry at myself for not being able to create that perfect artwork. Looking back i’m glad and grateful that i didn’t give up. There has been much progress in each commissioned work i recieve…and still looking forward to doing better with art.

🎨Never give up on something you love doing even if it doesn’t make sense to you…it will eventually.

🎨Always be humble and ready to learn

🎨Be grateful for what you have than to wander after one’s desires. (Ecclesiastes 6: 9)

🎨Give yourself time. Time to heal, time to explore…even the Bible tells us that there’s time for everything___ and things will fall in place at the right time. (Ecclesiastes 9: 11)”

Theodora is a painting and pencil artist, and is open for commissions.