NGK Construction LTD: One of the Leading Construction Companies in Ghana

In Ghana trusting a resourceful building company can be nerve racking. This is due to the many self-made artisans put the works of clients is disarray.

For over 20 years NGK Construction LTD formerly Dream side Construction, has gained notoriety as one of the most reputable construction companies in Ghana. They provide a wide range of services including designing, project management, estate development, renovation, interior design and much more. NGK Construction rose silently and can now be named amongst one of the leading construction firms in Ghana. They are responsible for notable works involving Akuaffo Adamfo Marketing Company (AAMC), Nobel House Kumasi, schools, residential complexes and so on. They pride themselves with being affordable yet using the best materials probably the reason most client flock to them.

Reportedly, NGK Construction LTD in 2022 was named as one of the best container builders responsible for container offices and homes. Though this concept is a bit novel, they started a few years ago and are now one of the experienced container builders in Ghana.

One can reach NGK Construction through their website or contact +233 (0) 506191918