Users of popular social media site twitter have been sharing their achievements over the past week. The rationale behind this is to encourage young people to continue pursuing their dreams. People from across the world have shared their stories. One of such people is Ghanaian media player AJ Sarpong.

AJ Sarpong, source: Citi Tv

In a number of tweets giving a quick peek into her life and journey so far, AJ opens up in an up close and personal manner. Here’s what she had to say:

“At 16/17, I started working with GhanaMusic.com [and] at 18, I was a loud music and [entertainment] pundit everywhere yet [I] was broke. [I] then went to The University of Ghana at 18 / 19 [years old]. I was working part  time at Y1079FM while in school and also at GHone tv. At 20, I begun consulting to earn money, and earn I did, while in Uni.”

AJ Sarpong

“At 21, I [celebrated] my birthday in 3 different cities (London, Lagos, Accra), with 3 different parties (club, Beach & dinner) after I earned a  big contract [because] I had more money than sense. At 22, I quit working to focus on finishing my bachelors and then began National service.”

“At 23, I was working as a TV producer and panelists at GHone for over 4 diff productions and was BROKER than I could ever imagine!  At 24, I combined my Masters and full time work as TV presenter [as well as] producing content and was more stressed than ever!  Yet still Broke.”

“At 25, I graduated with an MA in Journalism and went back to radio, Joined the Citi family and Joined the #CitiCBS team.  Then it felt like I was finally coming into my own.  At 26, I became the host of #BrunchintheCiti and started to feel less anxious and [began] to prioritize me.”

AJ Sarpong

“At 28, I finally[began] to appreciate my journey and my blessings and get more in tune with my spirituality and my purpose (not been broke since age 25! Hallelujaha) Now 29, I’m a few months [away] from 30 and I am finally excited to start living my best life, So Help me God!”