Restaurants Where You Can Go On A Date With Just GHS 150 In Ghana

Friends on a date (Starbites)

Broke? Want to go on a date? Here are a few places in Accra, Ghana where you can take your significant other out for a hangout and good food without spending a cedi over GHS 150.

  1. Essis Eatery
    Essis Eatery is a cute hangout spot located at East Legon. They have a very interesting menu and varying specials every day, all at very affordable prices. One of such is named “Ga kenkey vibes”, which is basically kenkey and every kind of protein you can think of. They also have some unique deserts such as their double chocolate beetroot cake, which is reportedly not bad at all. The eatery also displays beautiful artwork on their walls and gives a very lowkey, African-culture inspired aesthetic.
  1. Orchidea flowers and coffee
    This combines the aesthetic effect of flowers and the warmth of coffee to give you the best experience. Orchidea flowers and coffee is a flower shop cum coffee shop (D café) located at Roman Ridge, opposite the Azmera Ethiopian Restaurant. If the aesthetic vibe and Instagram worthy pictures are at the top of your priority list, Orchidea is the place for you. Their prices are quite affordable, and their chocolate croissants are supposed to die for. Have fun!
  1. Viannis Bistro
    Viannis is located on Legon campus, around Commonwealth hall. This eatery takes advantage of the botany on campus and gives an outdoorsy feeling. Their menu consists of a variety of reasonably priced dishes ranging from breakfast dishes to lunches, including drinks and dessert. You can enjoy the serenity with your date at Viannis while eating good food and without breaking your bank account.
  1. Koffee lounge
    Koffee lounge has two locations; American House and A n C Mall. It has a budget friendly menu with a vast range of dishes. Their portions are also rumored to be quite generous, so if you and your date are looking for the “too-full-to-walk” experience, visit either branch of Koffee lounge.
  1. Starbites
    Starbites can be found at West Legon, East Legon, Ashaley Botwe, Airport City, Tema, and the last one on the N1. Each location comes with a different experience, but the food is good, the service is great, and the prices will make your budget happy.
  1. The 5 Lounge and Restaurant
    The 5 restaurant gives you the classy restaurant type vibe, yet manages to keep your wallet safe from extortion. The 5 has very unique dishes on its menu including the Jollof Arancini, which is jollof prepared with corned beef, moulded into a ball shape, dipped into eggs and then coated with bread crumbs. It’s almost like meat balls, except it is jollof. Other exciting dishes are available at the 5 for you and your date to try. You can find The 5 at Cantoments, Accra.
  1. Tayiba
    Right next to the Legon botanical gardens, there is a hut-like structure with “Tayiba” written boldly on it. They have a range of appetizers, soups and stews on their menu, all at prices within your budget. After having fun at the botanical gardens with your date, feel free to pass by Tayiba for lunch and make your date complete!
  1. Geo’s Tearoom and Grill
    Beautiful, flower themed décor, great food and great customer service are all available at Geo’s. They are also creative and very generous with their dishes, providing a wide range of juices, sodas and alcoholic beverages. Geo’s can be found in the Courts Plaza building at East Legon.
  1. Asanka Local
    If you and your date are fans of local food; fufu, banku, etc, Asanka is one of the best places to go. Even though it serves mainly Ghanaian dishes, it is not your regular chop bar. It is an open, hygienic space with enough class to not constantly remind you that you are eating chop bar food. You can find Asanka local in the heart of Osu.
  1. Yenkodi
    Yenkodi is yet another place that gives you chop bar food and the restaurant experience mixed together. Their African wood themed décor is quite pleasing to the eye, plus it provides a nice environment to wine and dine in. Pass by Yenkodi at East Legon from 10am to 12pm from Sunday to Thursday, and 10am to 3pm from Friday to Saturday.

10. Peter Pan
Peter Pan is a great pizza and burger hangout spot for you and your significant other. In addition to these, they also have available fried rice and “Krispy chicken”, wraps, shawarma and many others. It is located in East Legon and in Kumasi, inside the Kumasi City Mall