The Aryeh Sisters

The Ayeh Sisters: Eight Pictures Of The Darling Sisters On Social Media

One striking thing about the Ayeh Sisters is their stunning beauty. It is almost the first thing you’d notice when you see them.

They are five (5) actually but the youngest is not exposed to the internet yet because she is a minor.

Not only are they beautiful, they are educated and career ladies with top companies.

The eldest (Prisca Dede Aryeh) for instance is a graduate from the Methodist University College and currently pursuing her master’s degree.

And yes, they are proudly Krobos

The next two sisters graduated from the University of Ghana and Abbeam University respectively

They are Faith Nakesi and Joyce Mamle respedtively. Joyce was a Miss Malaika pageant and she was the second runner-up

The last but one; Damaris Maku is currently in the University of Ghana studying Economics

Here are eight pictures showing the elegant sisters who wow social media with their beauty and intelligence

  1. Prisca Dede Ayeh

2. Faith Nakesi Ayeh

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Who's Sis eeez deez pls find and tag her

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3. Joyce Mamle Ayeh

4. Damaris Maku Ayeh

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Here is a photo of the mother of the Ayeh sisters. Now you know where they got their beauty from

The apple they say does not fall far from the tree

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Happy mothers Day Superwomen 👑

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Here is Mr. Ayeh, the father of the Ayeh Sisters

Prisca Dede Ayeh is an interior decor enthusiast and now gone commercial with her services.

Her eye for beauty and aesthetics always leaves customers satisfied.

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