The Power of Service By Jane Ofori

For power to be well pronounced in any service, serving a greater good is a powerful motivator for a person/service provider to be his or her best self. Any service delivery person should focus on only the endless factor of the service who is the CUSTOMER.

The customer determines how effective the power of service is from engagement and he/she can advocate for a good service memorized as best in the cognitive process and the senses that stimulate repeat engagement of that same service and other services rendered by the provider.The ME factor in service without the CUSTOMER is a dangerous disservice to the short and long term goals of any organization which should ensure that the risk of any individual or team who erodes a brand because of self-interest should never exist.

The feeling of getting the ME satisfied first, whether for survival, unhealthy rivalry and competition among team members, financial reward or ego boost jeopardies any business.The customer service week is here again. Let us take the lead to find where we fall short of, work hard to change the negative influences in our delivery and put the CUSTOMER first.The power of service will automatically be felt by our customers and the inherent benefits will continue to abound towards us and our great Bank, UBA.Thank you and enjoy a blissful week of customer-centered service