Twellium Ghana Ltd Welcomes Stonebwoy as Brand Ambassador for Bigoo Drinks

In an exciting development for both the music and beverage industries, Twellium Ghana Ltd has officially signed dancehall artist, Stonebwoy, as the brand ambassador for their popular line of carbonated beverages, Bigoo Drinks.

Stonebwoy, whose real name is Livingstone Etse Satekla, is a celebrated figure in the Ghanaian music scene, known for his energetic performances and chart-topping hits. The multi-award-winning artist has garnered a massive fan base not only in Ghana but across the African continent and beyond. Now, he is set to lend his star power to Bigoo Drinks, a brand that has become synonymous with refreshing taste and affordability.

Bigoo Drinks, a flagship product of Twellium Ghana Ltd, has carved a niche for itself in the competitive beverage market with its diverse range of carbonated drinks. From classic cola to exotic fruit flavors, Bigoo Drinks has been winning the hearts of consumers with its quality and affordability.

The partnership between Stonebwoy and Bigoo Drinks is seen as a strategic move to further solidify the brand’s presence in the market and connect with a wider audience. As a brand ambassador, Stonebwoy will not only be the face of Bigoo Drinks but will also actively participate in marketing campaigns and promotional activities.

“We are thrilled to have Stonebwoy on board as our brand ambassador for Bigoo Drinks. His vibrant personality, talent, and widespread appeal make him a perfect fit for our brand,” said the spokesperson for Twellium Ghana Ltd. “This collaboration is not just about promoting a product; it’s about celebrating the spirit of Ghana and the joy of sharing refreshing moments with Bigoo Drinks.”

Stonebwoy expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “I am proud to be associated with Bigoo Drinks, a brand that resonates with the essence of Ghana. It’s not just about the great taste; it’s about bringing people together, and I am thrilled to be a part of that.”

Fans of Stonebwoy and Bigoo Drinks can expect exciting collaborations, exclusive events, and engaging campaigns as the partnership unfolds. The collaboration between the music sensation and the beloved beverage brand is sure to create a buzz in the industry, leaving consumers anticipating the refreshing experiences that await them with Stonebwoy and Bigoo Drinks.

With this collaboration, Twellium Ghana Ltd and Stonebwoy are set to make waves, blending the best of music and beverages to create a symphony of taste and entertainment for consumers in Ghana and beyond.