When A Daughter Gives Birth To A Mother

A grain of corn until it enters into the soil and dies, it abides alone. Like a grain of corn, so is a vision. Until a vision is initiated, even though there are many potentials, great things that are locked up within it and yet it cannot find expression.
Like a grain of corn, whilst in the soil it experiences hopelessness, darkness, suffocation, oppression, doubt, loneliness, castigation, maliciousness and eventually, death. Yet, it stays calmly, strongly and keeps hoping in the midst of hopelessness. Sooner than later, it blossoms, bears fruit and gives food to the ‘eater’ and seed to the ‘sower’.

The same can be said of the Credence brand. With the greatest desire and passion to contribute to poverty assuagement, the Credence journey began. With commitment and passion, though there came times of oppression, suffocation, hopelessness, doubt, loneliness, castigation and darkness but the journey was not abandoned.

It is unheard and undone for a daughter to give birth to a mother but it is conceivable for a daughter to grow to become a mother. At Credence, we do not walk in paths, we create the path. We are not story tellers; we create the story. It is the reason behind the why with us a daughter has given birth to a mother. Today, by just one single step, many steps have been born. Through Credence Micro Credit, CREDENCE HOLDINGS, a mother brand has been born.

Encapsulating Credence Real Estate and Asset Management, Credence Interior Decor and Credence Consultancy, CREDENCE HOLDINGS; now serves as the womb of existence, the umbrella that provides shade and protection from harsh weather conditions and the feet that walks all other feet to destinations.

Credence Real Estate and Asset Management shall be providing all Ghanaians but most especially, Ghanaians in the diaspora the gracefulness of building and managing their assets back home in Ghana in peace. After building, Credence Interior Decor, with deep knowledge and appreciation for beauty shall dress up your house and convert it into a home. Not just that, you may be looking at refurbishing and redecorating your old house, your office or even trying to redesign your old home and office, Credence Interior Decor has got you. At times, financial indecisiveness and wrong decisions is a major contributory factor to many poverties. Credence Consultancy shall provide you with personalized business advise and directions that will assure the safety of your business sustainability. Credence Holdings is not just a brand, it is a life super market, it is a one stop shopping center for life.

CREDENCE HOLDINGS, Credibility in World Class Service.Still, we are Credible!

Credit: Adeline Quarshie

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