Author Dennis Mann Promotes Reading Among Children: Targets Donating 1000 Books To Children

Reading among children has been on a steady decline everywhere in the world. Even adults don’t read as much as they used to in times past. This phenomenon can be attributed to the advent of digital media and the internet.

Today, people watch films and play video games to pass time. Others spend hours on social media as a form of entertainment, neglecting the habits of old like reading.

One such individual dedicated to reawakening the reading habit among the children of today is Dennis Mann under his foundation: Wide Reading Among Kids.

Wide Reading Among Kids, is a social club that is set out on a mission to give free books to underprivileged kids. A club that promotes fun while reading. A club that inspires kids to dream dreams. Dennis Mann, the President was delighted to deliver some books to children in the suburb of Tembisa in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

This has been part of the mission of Wide Reading Among Kids, to distribute 1000 books to kids. Dennis is so happy to see the reactions of kids when they are reading and how their imaginations come to life.

2023 is a great year as rightly said by Dennis Mann. More great books are to be released and more donations are to be made to children in different countries. 

Dennis Mann is a writer and a lover of books, particularly for children. He has written two great books for kids titled Mr Pee Pee and Berganda: My Forest My Home. You can reach him on 


Phone: +233247654113