Dr. Victor Abbey Unveils Book on Corporate Strategy And Leadership

Corporate Strategy and Strategic leadership have been and remain the bedrocks of all organizational performance and success. Several scholars over the years have outlined practical systematic (traditional) approaches to developing and implementing corporate strategy and strategic leadership.

However, developments within the corporate milieu on the global stage including rapidly changing and/or evolving economic and political landscape, technological and digital advancement, idiosyncrasies in generational dichotomies, global health pandemics, etc. make it difficult for organizational leadership across all industries/sectors to accurately succeed with their corporate strategies without frequently reviewing them rather more often.

This state of affairs is largely driven by what has been captioned as the effects of the “V.U.C.A” world. Many organizational leaders or potential leaders are yet to come to terms with the critical knowledge and competence required to operate effectively in the VUCA world.

This book therefore provides the basic understandings of the VUCA world for organizational leaders to prepare and to enable them effectively develop or harness the right strategic leadership skills and competences in couching the right corporate strategies for their various organizations now and in the future VUCA world. The Six-chapter book walks the reader through the genesis of VUCA, its characteristics and challenges in the corporate world, to the tenets of corporate strategy and strategic leadership, and the fundamentals of organizational change management. The author proffers key strategic factors for adoption by organizational leaders, if they are to succeed in the future.