Ghanaians React To Ghana-Rwanda Partnership To Reciprocally Establish Factories

The Ghanaian government has shared the news of a collaboration between it and its Rwandan counterpart to foster bilateral relations and development.

The partnership is set to entail Ghana establishing a chocolate processing plant in Rwanda and supplying them processed organic cocoa in the forms of cocoa nibs or cocoa Liquor. Rwanda in turn will be establishing a formulation plant in Ghana for the production of organic pyrethrum-based pesticides used in crop protection, veterinary and public health.

This arrangement is expected to help cut down transportation costs and bring affordable organic products closer to Ghanaian farmers. It will also provide job opportunities for people in both countries and boost their various economies.

The news has been met with various reactions on social media, with some people hailing it as innovative and in the right direction and others asking why Ghana specifically will export cocoa when the Cocoa Processing Plant in the country has been hit terribly in the past few years.

Hopefully, the collaboration will birth the desired results and serve as a blueprint for other African countries to follow.