Groove Hub: From Bass Covers to Music Production and Promotion Studio

Engr Amegashie-Viglo Joshua is the founder and CEO of Groove Hub, a music production and promotion studio that has transformed over the years since its inception in March 2012. Starting as a bass cover channel on YouTube, Groove Hub has expanded its focus to include bass lessons, instrumentalist empowerment, and music training workshops.

In 2018, Groove Hub made a breakthrough on social media and registered as a business in July 2020. The studio currently has 27 peers, business partners, and investors who fund the acquisition of professional gadgets for the execution of their mandate. Groove Hub has raised great music talents in both gospel and the circular music industry and currently runs three major events: ELORM, a gospel worship experience, Groove Festival, an afro music experience, and Groove Workshop, a music training workshop.

One of the notable achievements of Groove Hub was the production of the song ELORM, which was requested by a subscriber who was interested in the original audio of an old song that was non-existent. The interested subscriber decided to fund the production of the song, which was made possible through the acquisition of gadgets for African Groove HUB.

To fund the acquisition of more professional music gadgets, Groove Hub sourced external investors and registered as a company on 7 July 2020. With the support of Mr. Salah Kalmoni, Groove Hub started sourcing equity from family and musically inclined friends. The studio ran a YouTube Music Studio for two years at Silver Star Tower, bought more professional music gadgets, got a few gigs locally and internationally, and set up a business website.

Currently, Groove Hub has relocated to a professional music studio at Odina Place at Lakeside City, which is a creative HUB for fashion, music, and arts. Engr Amegashie-Viglo Joshua and his team at Groove Hub continue to make strides in the music industry, empowering and raising great talents, and producing quality music for their audience.