How Alice Yakubu is helping tertiary students network with each other and in the corporate world

Alice Yakubu is a young Ghanaian girl fighting in her own space to help youngsters within her country come together and build networks. She is a young leader who believes in the youth’s talents and she wishes to build projects that will help the youth’s social functioning capacities. She believes that the media, having gained experience in it, is a great way to project adolescent problems and assist shape their lives positively.
She is also the Executive Director of Alice TalkWorld -a universal community of young leaders; that creates socio-economic space for tertiary students to network with their colleagues and the corporate world.
She brings students across the country to network with the corporate world, and build startups to solve challenges pertinent to sustainable development goals.
She is the Assistant Education and Eco Club Coordinator for Ghanaian students at Green African Youth Organization in her home country.
Alice Yakubu is a proud volunteer and member of plastic punch, EU, Mckingtorch Africa, a Green African Youth organization, and is currently a Clerk at James Topp Nelson Yankah Hall, University Of Ghana.
She’s also a public speaker and a corporate Master of Ceremony, having performed at several prestigious events.