Jerseys project, identify with owner and are indicative of a person’s affiliation with a particular brand, sports, etc. Anybody who wears any particular jersey identifies him/herself with that dream team and is very loyal to it.

As a child living in my village within a busy city of Accra, I used to see my family and friends admire and associate the rainbow colours with a particular football team. The tradition still continues. 

Anytime the team had to play football with their arch rival on a rainy day, they would just play along but immediately they saw a ray of rainbow colours in the sky, they knew the match results would be in their favour and their opponents would miss their special meal for the day.  Their opponent till date never relent on defeat and always fight back. 

This dream team with the POWER TO SERVE; the ‘never say die until the bones are rotten’ do their best to win a match with the slightest opportunity to hold their funs loyal to them.

On a funny note, I also remember another team which till date always want to be in the league to win but always ‘make mouth’ in relegation.  They have since time immemorial had all the power coupled with funny names each season to make them quite relevant.  They however spice the game of football.

Customers forget about you when you only have the power but not able to exhibit great service for your audience’s great experience.

The mindset of wearing any particular jersey is because you are well drawn to the dream team who never disappoints you but makes you feel special and stay loyal for generations.

In fact, UBA is a good brand so as we display our jerseys today, we focus the brand we are all proud of to always lead and win in this contemporary, fast emerging, digital and competitive industry.

We push hard to identify our individual talents to collectively as a dream team win with intelligence the championship games of GREAT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.


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