Meet Jacqueline Micere Wangui Njoroge, The Talent Acquisition Guru

Jacqueline Micere Wangui Njoroge is a Talent Acquisition Specialist with over 3 years in-house and agency recruitment experience across South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Eswatini. Having worked within the Automotive, Agricultural, Entertainment, Non-Profit, Engineering, Consulting and Financial industries, Jacqueline is extremely good at her job as indicated by her track record.

She has held various positions, some of which are Talent Acquisition Specialist Consultant (Own Company), Talent Acquisition Specialist for Bridgestone EMIA, HR Manager of Angaza Africa Pty, HR Officer specializing in recruitment at iX Engineers (SA), Project Leader of Strategic Advisory Consulting, HR Administrator of Sozo Foundation, Marketing Intern at F/NE Consulting and HR Intern of Equity Bank.

Jacqueline Micere Wangui Njoroge, Credit: Studio Mona (Kenya)

Her deep desire to be “M.A.D. (make a difference)”, her uncanny ability to discern and decipher/anticipate what motivates others and tap into that by making quality relationship building opportunities between both an employer and a potential employee or within a team in a corporate setting or within social groups coupled with her intuition make her stand out in her line of work.

While pursuing a Master’s in Business degree at Essex University with concentration on Human Resource Management, Jacqueline had to put it on hold to concentrate on her HR Consultancy start-up. She had completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Management that allowed her access to integrated cutting edge management principles and practices; BTech Degree in Human Resources Development and BA degree in Clinical Psychology.

Jacqueline Micere Wangui Njoroge, Credit: Studio Mona (Kenya)

Jacqueline describes dealing with people as an oxymoron, a bitter-sweet journey. But adding value to make a difference in a life and the greater community is her inspiration behind what she does, positively fostering and influencing an environment to make it conducive enough to provoke and stimulate one’s mind and character to challenge themselves and the status quo.

However, she has repeatedly had moments when she doubted her capabilities. In the same breath, she has had adrenaline rushes when her motivation levels soared beyond the sky. To be in a people centered industry,one needs to look beyond what comes into one’s account at the end of the month and the bureaucracy/politics that at times chokes motivation and threatens productivity.

Likening herself to Moses who turned the rod in his hand into a snake, parted the red sea and produced fresh water from a rock to save thousands of people, Jacqueline uses her skills to show job seekers how a recruiter thinks while looking for talent, what the process involves and shares insights on how the world of work is constantly changing.

Jacqueline Micere Wangui Njoroge, Credit: Studio Mona (Kenya)

Jacqueline describes her initial lack of adequate knowledge in her field as her biggest challenge. According to her, she had not had the opportunity to spend a prolonged tenure in the corporate sector, only short contracts awarded to her in the employment space. Consequently, she had not been exposed to certain practices within Talent Management. To remedy this, she began teaching herself and whatever she learnt, shared it with others and continues to do so till today. 

“I do desire to partner with like-minded individuals who are rare to find but servant leadership keeps me

going especially because of the example set by Jesus Christ”, she says.

To get in touch with Jacqueline Micere Wangui Njoroge, find her on Facebook: Jacquie Micere, Instagram: qui__9 and Twitter: @jacquie_micere