‘Mixed Up’ – Adwoa A. Amoako Adjei‘s Writing Debut

Mixed Up is a crime thriller which follows Asantewaa, a young girl terrorised by a faceless serial killer that kills the people she loves and takes over her life. The story opens with her teenage years and follows all through her adult life, touching the subjects of trust, love, loss and fate.

Adwoa A. Amoako Adjei conceived the idea for Mixed Up some time after Senior High School. After high school, she entered Law School and couldn’t dedicate much time to writing it until 2017 when she graduated. She was able to do a little writing at this time but was again overrun by other obligations in the form of traveling to Gambia to continue her education in Law.

She did not work on the book during this period as she finished up her studies in Gambia and returned to Ghana to attend the Ghana School of Law, spending another year in school. After she was called to the Ghanaian bar, she finally decided to finish the book.

After Adwoa was done with the first draft of her book, she shared it with family and friends who have been supportive since the beginning. She decided to publish it and submitted it for professional editing that took about a month and half. Another month allowed her to implement the corrections and suggestions made by the editor. In 10 days, after moving from publisher to publisher and going through deal after deal, Mixed Up was finally published.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Adwoa’s plans for the launch of her first published book couldn’t materialise, However, with the encouragement of her friends, she hosted an online launch and a small in-person event to complement it. Her book is now available in print and in soft copy on Amazon.

You can find Adwoa on:

Instagram: @ms.adjei

Twitter: @Mz_Adjei

Or Call: 0245281008 for copies of the book.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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