Mr. Joseph Nkrumah, The CEO of ZipJosh E-Commerce

Zipjosh e-commerce company is an entity set up to provide buyers on the internet with cheaper alternatives to the existing ones. With the values of excellence and innovation, the platform assures excellent services and customer satisfaction to keep sellers and customers happy by making the buying of goods online as easy and cost efficient as actually buying it physically at a store.

Little is known, however, about the leadership of such a great and promising initiative.

Mr. Joseph Nkrumah, the CEO of ZipJosh e-commerce company, started off life as humble young boy from Takoradi with an insatiable passion to learn and change the world.

He started his primary education at Airport Complex and then moved on to Pompeh Secondary Technical for his secondary education. Because of the zeal to learn and break frontiers, he furthered up and went to Takoradi Technical University where he studied Mechanical Engineering. He later went to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology for his first degree and masters in engineering.

He is currently an Operations Engineer at one of the best engineering firms in the country. He is a loving husband and father, who has a great heart for the things of God. His mantra in life is “to do the best you can for future generations so that life becomes easy for them”. He plans to build ZipJosh to the level where it will employ millions of people worldwide.

His advice to the youth is that they should love God with all their heart, and he will in turn reward them with their heartfelt desires.