“Take «Open To Work» Logo Off Your LinkedIn”- Top HR Practitioner Selina Buabeng Shares

Human resources (HR) or talent management, as it is being increasingly referred to, is a profession that has consistently ranked high on lists of best careers. World Report ranks the role of human resources specialist among the first 20 on their list of Best Business Jobs and as one of the 100 Best Jobs overall for the past few years. From high job satisfaction and growth potential to the ability to impact individuals and entire organizations in meaningful ways, this career path can be one of the most fulfilling ones.

Selina Buabeng is one of the most vocal women in HR in Ghana, having carved a niche for herself through her social media presence and well-detailed YouTube videos. She holds an MBA, a BSC in Human Resource management and is a certified human Resource practitioner. As an HR professional, she works with a bank as a recruiter, a consultant, runs her Jrange Management foundation in addition to being a wife and a mother.

Speaking on why she chose a career in HR, she intimated that Just like most people who after graduation get lost in the job market due to a lack of support and guidance, she ended up in HR through a series of chance events and decisions. Ultimately, the profession gives her some sense of satisfaction by making her able to help others land their dream jobs and putting her in a position to help over 100 individuals and companies to make more money.

With about 10 years of experience in HR, her career has span four banks namely Energy Bank, First Atlantic, United bank for Africa and HFC Bank. She is motivated by the fact that we only live once and so need to make that best out of every opportunity afforded us.

Apart from her work, she enjoys dancing and loves to draw as well. Sharing tips for prospective jobseekers, she had the following to say:

If you are a jobseeker on linkedin and you have the open to work logo on your profile, take it off. Telling a firm that you’re open to work on your profile photo won’t give inherent advantage over other job applicants. In fact, it can de-value you. I don’t see a strategic advantage. I think that recruiters will pay more attention to your headline, relevant experience, volunteer projects, education and your about section along with a professional profile picture.

Also, don’t start with your least or first job experience in your resume instead, start with your current job experience, most people start with their youth service or internship experience which is not good, can be a turnoff at a first glance.”

She believes that nothing in life will be offered to you on a platter but when you help others, the universe will reciprocate. It is therefore up to us to create the life we wish to have.

In the not too distant future, Selina hopes to be able reduce the unemployment rate and be a stop gap as there are soo many intelligent people without jobs.

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