YaaW Partners With Mckingtorch Africa For “Chalewote” Upscaling Project

Waste management has always been a major concern across the world, being a particular menace in Africa and some parts of Asia. It constitutes an immense environmental challenge and according to reports, over 15% of this solid waste is generated from plastic and nylon.

In the spirit of sustainable environmental practices, various individuals and corporations have adopted measures to recycle and/or upscale waste. 


The Yielding Accomplished African Women organisation in a bid to rid the environment of waste and contribute to society conducted a cleanup exercise at the Sakumono night beach.

The activity which was in collaboration with Awuku Mkafui, a green entrepreneur, a recycling consultant and plastic waste artist and his Mckingtorch Africa sought to gather “chalewote” pieces, pieces of plastic/rubber flip flops to use for the construction of Bus shelter.

Hopefully, this will not be the last of its kind from the ladies of Yielding Accomplished African Women. The plastic waste that threatens to swallow us while in this country can be ultimately defeated through initiatives like these and not necessarily waiting on the government to make a move.

Together, we can rid our cities of plastic waste.