Yourknow: Everything There Is To Know

With the dawn of the internet came the globalisation of ventures, instituting newfound proximity and connectivity to people who in times past would have been inaccessible. Through the innovation and creativity of some people, this availability and access has permeated almost every aspect of our lives, making us better for it.

One aspect that is still in need of innovation however is the creative space. To answer that need, creators have come up with YourKnow, a patented platform for centralized collaboration, reading, writing, and sharing. It is a black owned company based in California but is available and accessible to all through the internet.

Raefer Andrews is a Co-founder and CEO of YourKnow, over 20 years of experience in executive management, software design, and engineering. After identifying the need for song writers to have a common virtual platform to co-write and collaborate on projects, the idea was conceived and work begun. This however has evolved into a broader purpose to have a forum where  all like-minded people can work together in real time and produce a document which can be published in the Yourknow library. 

William (Dompreh) Oduro-Dompreh (Head, Outreach & Partnerships)

Launched in December 2018, It is free and open to everyone and facilitates team work and collaboration communities. Whether students working on a project or professors working with students or work colleagues creating something together, YourKnow provides the platform to create a  group, invite friends  and “pass the pen” to specific members during live collaboration. It’s collaboration with the written word as the end product. 

To make it useful and applicable to everything collaboration, plans have been made to add audiovisual features so participants in a live collaboration can turn on video and interact if they so choose, making it a  full Learning Management System (LMS). Currently our permissions control for collaboration files allow participants to decide who can see what. Students can for instance turn in their assignments on Yourknow. 

With advances being made on a regular basis, stay up to date on and experience the full possibilities for collaborative work in every which way.