Janet Abena Quainoo is an award-winning broadcast journalist and philanthropist who has braved the odds to establish herself.  Just recently, she graduated from the Ghana Institute of journalism with a Masters in Development Communication.

Janet made the news in August of 2020 after she successfully secured a job after working for free for five years.  Her story was featured right here, on

After her national service at the State Broadcasting House (Ghana Broadcasting Corporation), Janet was not maintained as a permanent worker.  In spite of this, she continued to work voluntarily, reporting news on rural amd deprived communities in the country.

In 2019, she shared some of her stories with the Ghana Journalists’ Association during the awards season.  Janet won the award for Best Rural Reporter for the year at the event which was organized in November 2019.

She is now an Assistant Director with the Local Government Service of Ghana in addition to founding and running the Save A Child Foundation, an organization dedicated to  reducing the statistics of streetism in Ghana.

In pursuit of this goal, the thesis of her masters program was on the topic “Exploring Development Communication Strategies (Tools) to Address Street-children Phenomenon in Ghana: A Case of Jamestown Street Children”, a project she was awarded an “A”  for by her faculty.

Her NGO has reunited a number of street children with their families and ensured reenrollment in school.  They also organize mentorship and skills training for parents with no sustainable sources of income. Their long term goal is to establish a center to facilitate the smooth and easy accomplishment of their plans and projects.

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