Esinam Awunyo: Called To The Bar After 7 Years Of Persistence

The Ghana School of Law, a few days ago, released the results of their 2021 entrance exams. Since then, social media has been awash with testimonies and complaints alike from successful and unsuccessful applicants. As new students are entering the system, the old ones are also completing their studies and being ushered into the world to practice. One such testimony is that of one Miss Esinam Awunyo Esq, a young woman who has been called to the bar after 7 years of persistence. Here’s her story as told by herself.

 “It’s been a long journey but all glory to God. It’s been seven lean years filled with tears, pain, sorrow, hardwork and perseverance on my quest to become the first lawyer in the Awunyo family. The number 7 is the number of perfection. Indeed, God has perfected that journey in the seventh year. 

Two days to my birthday in 2017, the results for the entrance exams to the Ghana School of Law were released and all members of my study group but me, made it. I cried my heart out that week but God had better plans.

The following year, I secured a scholarship to study the LPC in the UK. On my return, I had to fork out £6000 as fees to study at the GSL. This was just after the lockdown was lifted and the economy was still recovering from the aftermath of COVID. How was I going to raise £4000 within 3 weeks to secure my place on the course? I reached out to a couple of people I believed could be of assistance but none offered it. I broke down during the first week of lectures and cried because I thought all hope was lost.

Whilst I was frantically using all my human efforts to raise my fees, God was just watching in one corner smiling because He promised that He will provide. And indeed, God came through for me throughout my studies.

Today, a few days after my birthday I’m being called to the Ghana bar. This is just to encourage someone that God hears your prayers and answers them, all you have to do is let go and trust Him. Just take that leap of faith!!!

Mawu, akpe kakaaka. My family [has{ been amazing and very supportive throughout the journey. My friends before and those I made during the journey have been exceptional. My spiritual father has been wonderful. God bless you all and replenish all that you lost in the process by a thousand fold. 

I have entered my seven fat years filled with God’s blessings, breakthroughs, riches, fruitfulness, laughter, joy, happiness and all the good things from heaven. Now let’s go make this [money]

On that note, please allow me to reintroduce myself:

TAKE NOTICE that Miss Esinam Awunyo having attained a professional qualification in Law from the Ghana School of Law is now Miss Esinam Awunyo Esq.”

Esinam is a product of the University of Ghana and the University of London. She was also the winner of the Miss Tourism Ghana beauty pageant in 2012 and the third runner up for the Miss Malaika pageant in 2011. She founded and runs L.O.T.S. Ghana, a not-for-profit organization with the mission to create legal literacy programmes that seeks to improve the legal awareness of the young Ghanaian to ensure familiarity with the Ghanaian legal system and appreciation for the role law plays in our various communities and in the country as a whole.