‘Medaakye’: People’s Pension Trust’s Digital Pension Scheme for Entrepreneurs, Students & Business People

Medaakye, a pension campaign for all Ghanaians, covering the formal and informal sectors, has been launched by People’s Pension Trust (PPT), a licensed Corporate Trustee regulated by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA) that offers innovative, flexible and digitally driven pension products to ensure retirement income security for Ghanaians. 

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Saqib Nazir, Chief Executive Officer of PPT, highlighted on the importance of a digitized personal pension scheme for all Ghanaians that can be monitored and automated. He also stated that the campaign focuses on PPT’s goal of ensuring a decent retirement income security for formal and informal workers for life, and that our members can maintain decent livelihoods after retirement.

Medaakye, which is Akan for “my future” emboldens Ghanaians to take charge of their future through the PPT Personal Pension Scheme. Designed for entrepreneurs; students; government workers; businesspeople, the product’s unique selling point isthe flexibility of subscribers to make voluntary contributions towards retirement and monitor them in real time.

Kofi Eba-Miezah Polley, Chief Operations Officer of PPTdescribed the Medaakye campaign as one that will help formal and informal sector workers from falling back into poverty after they stop working. He explained that the PPT Personal Pension Scheme includes the Easy Pension designed exclusively for Vodafone customers; Retire Right designed exclusively for AirtelTigo customers; and iCare – a digital way for anyone toset-up and contribute to the pension of people they care about, a friend; family member; child; or even a colleague.

Medaakye users can save daily, weekly, or monthly, with flexible contribution amounts, using their mobile phone, mobile agent, or savings group by dialing USSD code *789*111*6# with the Medaakye referral code 006 or signing up on the https://peoplespension.global web platform to sign up for #abettertomorrow.

Every contribution by a member is divided into two equal parts and credited to individual accounts: a General Savings account and a Retirement account. Members can pay their contribution via the 6,000 mobile agents (MTN, Vodafone, AirtelTigo) and any Ecobank Xpress agent nationwide, and through the dedicated pension portal at www.peoplespension.global.

How can I register with PPT?

Go to www.peoplespension.global and sign up using your phone number


Dial *789*111*6# and use referral code 006 to register in a simple 2-step process

How can I pay?

On the web portal, go to payments, input data and pay via momo.

Follow the prompts after dialing *789*111#. Choose auto debit for automated payments

For Vodafone customers, dial *110# and follow prompts for the Easy Pension scheme

For AirtelTigo customers, dial *110# and follow prompts for the Retire Right scheme

Can anyone register?

Yes. Anyone who is between the ages of 15 and 55 years and earns an income can become a member.

How can I check my account statement?

You can check your account statement by dialing *789*111# and following the prompts. 

You can also call the call center on 0302738242 or send an email to info@peoplespensiontrust.com

Will I receive any returns on my contributions? 

Yes, the money will be collectively invested, and members receive the returns on the investments. 

Can I withdraw my funds?

Yes. Members can withdraw the funds in the savings component of their account 6 months after their initial contribution.

To learn more about People’s Pension Trust, please visit: https://peoplespension.global/